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Thread: Badger taking a domestic rabbit??

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    Badger taking a domestic rabbit??


    quick question has anyone had experience or have knowledge of a badger breaking into a rabbit hutch and taking the rabbit.

    i have seen this with foxes and dogs but never with a badger, this happened in a rural location.

    cheers guys

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    Not heard of one in a rabbit hutch but I have heard of them causing havoc in chicken runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogue trader View Post
    Not heard of one in a rabbit hutch but I have heard of them causing havoc in chicken runs.
    Same here, but I dont see why not, a flimsy bit of chicken wire etc, might as well be tissue paper to a brock, are you sure it was not a fox?

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    My late father told me about losing a number of new born lambs on a nightly basis for a few nights. Each night a lamb would be killed and eaten except for part of the skin and the back legs. He identified a track through a hedge and set a snare for the perceived vulpine culprit only to find a badger in the snare the next morning. The badger appeared to be bloody around the muzzle and he blamed it for the loss of the lambs.

    Similarly, a wooden hen house or ark we used to have had boards pulled off the outside and the hens inside were found dead the next morning. Our conclusion at the time was that a fox wouldn't have the strength to gain access in this way. Badger was blamed but we had no real proof of this.

    So in answer to your question-I have similar experience but have not actually witnessed this occurring.



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    If its smashed through the chicken wire there may well be some hair left?
    I've seen them take partridge and ducks that were in small boxes with broody bantams

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    bloody badger chased me through the woods once after releasing the brock from a fox snare, so wouldnt surprise me at all

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    Apparently it was ID by tracks I'm still sceptical but will not dismiss this as I know a Brock can be very industrious but I think its a fox personally

    cheers guys

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    I have had them in my pheasant runs on more than one occasion

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    I don't see why not- they will dig out wild rabbit nests. They tend to turn the carcass inside out when they eat it.

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    Again not rabbits but I watched a badger kill one of my hens at 4am one morning as I was getting ready to go stalking. If they have made ID by footprint they should be correct, they are very distinct. Badgers love to eat rabbit, leave a pile of dead ones out and put a trail cam nearby, more likely to have badgers than foxes round here.

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