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Thread: Car Dealers

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    Car Dealers

    Hi All

    This is sort of stalking related due to it being my shooting vehicle, but I had to have a moan somewhere

    You would think in the present climate car dealerships would be fighting for any business they could get wouldn't they???????

    I've been thinking about changing my L200 pickup, so over the Xmas break I had a ride around the local dealerships in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

    I'm probably going to stick with another Mitsubishi but thought I would check out the opposition as well.

    Here's how it went

    I started off by going to the local Mazda dealers as my mate Andy has one and it seems quite a nice truck, they never had a single pickup in stock said "they don't sell many, they did have one but they sold it"
    Then he said if I wanted to see one go to the Ford garage and look at theirs as they are the same.
    What a salesman I wish he would go and work for our opposition

    Next a trip up to a very big Toyota dealership.

    I thought this will be different?? Hundreds of cars in stock guess what hadn't got a single pickup in stock the salesman said he thinks they have one but one of the managers has taken it home for Xmas but he would get some one to contact me in the new year

    Ok I thought bugger the other makes I'll stick to the Mitsi, fair play they had three in stock. The chap was very helpful and said he would sort me a price out see what was available in the new year and be in touch.

    Next I contacted a huge Mitsi dealership in the next county who advertise special deals on L200's.

    The chap rang me back took my vehicle details and said he would get back to me with a price

    Well here I am two week's later and I haven't had any contact from any of them

    It makes me wild, the b*****d's don't deserve any business.

    Anybody had similar experiences


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    Hi Wayne, it seems all major dealers have no pick ups in stock, Not sure why but all seem to be the same.

    If I were you I'd go for the Toyota, I have one and think it is excellent, along with many others, look at Paul T and his stalkers, they are drive them.

    A few friends have the Rodeo, never again they say, and judging by how little you see them around makes me believe them.

    Ranger is cramped inside but is quite a economical buy.
    Navara's, well lets not go there!
    Mazda, friends got one, trying to sell it ( well has been trying for about 7 months) with no interest at all.
    Never been in L200 or have any mates with one so can't comment.

    Have a mate in Toyota commercial who can strike you a good price if you want, pm me for more info.

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    Hi Sam

    Cheers for that.

    I do like Paul's Toyota but to be honest this snowy weather has reinforced my liking for the L200.

    I've had it in 4wd permanently over the last 2 weeks and it's the only pick up that can do this with out fear of diff wind up.

    My L200 is still warranted for 12 months so I think I will stick with it if they cant be arsed to ring me back

    They just made me mad and I had to have a whinge

    Cheers Wayne

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    Hmmmm let me see :-

    It ain't broke don't fix it

    As for car dealers I liken em to Polititions

    If their lips are moving they're lieing

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    & if they are not moving they are thinking about lying!

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    Hi Wayne,

    try the new Isuzu Rhodeo. I have had the LE one from new, nearly 3 years old now and I am well impressed. Much more room in the back than a Mitsi. The only problem is that Isuzu agents are not thick on the ground, but I have had good service, and the vehicle has now done in excess of 41,000 miles in less than 3 years and not had any problems.

    Prices for the basic crew cab model start at about 14k I think, rising to 20k for the LE model.



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    hi wayne i have an isuzu and its done me great for 3 years now, i was thinking of changing but is does every thing i want so it stays with me for now. the only two others would be the new navara (its a different motor to the old one) or the toyota. ive never had anything to do with the L200
    but the old one stunk. the navara has supprised me over and over again. Last week we pulled a land rover out with a navara and it had road tyres, i never thought id see that. so they are worth a look

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    Hello Wayne,

    I purchased my previous couple pickups (Nissans) using an online dealer. Total pleasure to deal with, so easy and delivered to my door. I went down this route after visiting the local Nissan dealer with the intent of doing deal there and then; I was told by some knob in a shiny suit, "unless your paying the price on the screen we wont sell you one" unbelievable!!!!! A few hours later I had ordered online 1500 cheaper. Easy.

    My current pickup (L200) was sourced locally, what a complete bunch of twats; no wonder they went down the pan!! To add insult to injury, it has broken down 4 times; it is just over 2 years old and covered 22k! And trying to get it fixed by them under warranty was nightmare; No Sir its not ready yet, almost done, just waiting for a new part, whilst they lent me 15 year old piece of s**t to drive round in!!

    Its out of warranty in September, so I have decided to go for a new Discovery to be purchased online!



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    Welcome back into the fold Thomas!!!

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    I have an old Ranger bought for peanuts off ebay
    However I have driven Duncs Nissan Navara back from Scotland was a really good trucks to drive, & he swears by it.
    Also drove a Isuzu pickup in Thailand for several large journeys filled with 16 of my friends relations also beenin Malcs truck several times and found it very comfortable.
    I think that we have a real problem in this country with customer service, most salesmen are arogant cocks who think they are gods gift and the world owes them a living.
    We have an interesting story about car dealers 8)

    I was ging to buy Fran a new Mini from the local BMW garage, they had loads in stock and we had been told they would do a good deal for cash.
    We walked in an were promptly ignored, maybe it was because we had arrived in an old Rangey, and had not got dressed for the occasion.
    When some snotty power dressed tart did actually decide to speak to us, sorry down to us, it was to tell us her appointment book was full and there was no way to let us take one out for a quick test drive as she was so busy and it wasn't how BMW did things.
    So we looked at a couple of models then mentioned for someone with a full appointment book she seemed to be doing bugger all, the reply was something like it was not her place to justify her actions to people who just walk in off the street
    Fran thought a little and told her to stick her mini up her bottom.. quite literally and not so politely, and we would be taking our money elsewhere!
    The "sales lady" as we wil loosely call her turns on Fran saying someone like you wouldn't have the where with all to buy one anyhow.
    We were gob smacked, what an attitude, we asked for the manager who was just as much a git as the girl & didn't even appologise, so unbelievably he asks well how were you going to pay...
    So we told him, we had cash, real cash, on us in person, told him to go forth and multiply and went and bought the Nissan.
    A couple of weeks later my mates old man went in there dressed in his decorating clothes as B&Q is just round the corner, always had Beemers and his was ready for a change, he got the same treatment as we did, so he also called the manager told him he was their biggest client as the buyer for a multinational company and they would be doing no further business.
    He walked into Jaguar, they greeted him politely gave him a coffee and he bought several cars of them.. the BMW guy was sacked there is sometimes justice in this world always makes me smile..

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