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Thread: Electric dog collar

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    Electric dog collar

    hi im looking for an electric dog collar need something thats water proof and has a good distance/range


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    Would that be a radio collar,........OR one of those things that deliver electric shocks?
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    I had one of those that give a mild shock once.
    Tried it on myself, didn't seem too bad so put it on my dog.
    The first time I used it, at a very low level of shock I might add, my dog went histyrical.
    I took it off at the first opportunity and threw it in the river in a fit of anger.
    Never want to see one again.

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    I had to use a shock collar in the end as a last resort , don't like using them but its working big time and theres been a dramatic improvement in a short time since I started.

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    Hi Jonny I have a brand new pact trainer,still in box with all instructions .Looking for£125 posted
    details here below PAC nDXT+ Vibrate Digital Remote (1 Dog) Trainer - PAC Collars

    Let me know.

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    The key to electric collars is to use them correctly.
    Allow the dog the wear a collar for a few weeks before it gets used. This way they forget all about it.
    Then only use it when trying to correct a problem (not your every day training).
    The sort of this is running after sheep and only after you have tried everything else.
    Just wait for the dog t give chase and then one zap.
    You may have to repeat the excerise but they soon learn and the collar can be removed.

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