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Thread: Lightforce bulb?

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    Lightforce bulb?

    Anyone know of an upgrade for the Lightforce 100W VF bulb or where is a cheap supply of the VF??

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    Ive only ever had cluson lamps, anywhere that stocks lightforce you would think mate

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    Theatre suppliers might be worth googling, I got the 50 watt bulbs for my clulite from one. Bought 10, think they were 2/3 a piece


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    These projector bulb have a HF filament in them which throws an oval beam where the VF equivalent throws a spot beam.
    HF=horizontal filament/VF=vertical filament... Tried the HF and they are rubbish and they have half the range of the VF.

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    The ones I got were the same as supplied by Cluson but way cheaper. If I can find the site I used I'll have a look and see what they have


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    If you do use a cheaper bulb than the LF replacement make sure the filament runs vertically rather than horizontally otherwise you will find you have a black spot in the middle of your beam.

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    Prior to finding the link above i bought one from Bushys @ 9.50 for the correct bulb and the vertical 100w are 6.50 but shine a wide and dull beam.
    Going to order some spare as the vertical filament have a shorter life.

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    Tried the HF and they are rubbish and they have half the range of the VF

    Is that not the HF bulb shown on the link

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