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Thread: Putin and International Sanctions

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    Putin and International Sanctions

    Some of Vladimir Putin's friends come up to him and say "Look Vladimir, we cant keep quite anymore, we're worried."

    "Worried? What about Obama? Listen you're all millionaires many times over, have huge houses, estates and now, once again, the chance of dachas in the Crimea, and who cares about our membership of the G8."

    "But it's not that we're worried about Vladimir!"

    "Well what then? That you won't be able to get your private American helicopters serviced or buy any more British built luxury yachts?"

    "No! We're worried about what are we going to do if the Reds come back!"

    Now I was told THAT in slightly different form when I was in Moscow in about 1974 or 1976!

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    Was that a joke??

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Tumbleweed ??
    I never said a thing David T.

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