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Thread: Hollow Point Game bullets

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    Hollow Point Game bullets

    How many use or would use Hollow Point bullets designed for use on game such as Deer.

    Sierra for instance make a .277" Game King HP in 140 grain weight and I forget who but there is also a couple of HP game bullets in .25 cal. Speer make a 115 grain HP in 7mm that is not a varmint bullet.

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    i have just started using some speer varmint hollow points in my .308 for foxes and to be honest im not that happy with them. i have only shot 5 foxes with them admittedly but 2 of them have stood back up and ran and the 3 i did pick up were not consitant on damage to the animal. one was blown up as i would expect with about a good 4 inch exit hole and the other 2 were very small exit holes. it may just be that i have been unlucky but time will tell

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    My Barnes TSX are hollow point and they do what it says on the tin!

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    I use 85gr Sierras in my PPC and sometimes .243 for the roe and fox. Devastating results.

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    i use 85gr sierra gameking HPBT on deer (fallow) and have found no bullet puts them down quicker on H/L shots...neil

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    Hmmm interesting. I have some of the 140 grain Sierra .277" HPBT's Game King but have never used them on game as yet. However I have a few loaded up now ready to use in the .270 and wondered what other thought about using them.

    From talking to an American friend who likes HP's but he says most have too small a HP. He has a 7x300 a 7mm Wilcat hotrod a bit like a 7mm Weatherby and he likes the Speer 115 grain HP in it and has used it extensivley on Deer, Bear and Cariboo.

    I am not sure the 140 grain Game King has a big enough HP btu i suppose the only sure way to find otu it try them out on game

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    Hi Neil
    I am just about to start reloading and have bought some 85g gameking what load and primers are you using and what groups are you getting
    Thanks in anticpation

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    HP bullets

    I used 50gr .224 berger on Fox, needed 4 rnds to stop it, I will stick to my normal load of 40gr Noslers driven by 25.3gr of N133, 3650fps, from my Howa 223 HB stainless, for instant results.


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    i have PM you some data ...neil

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    I am using up some 6.5x55 RWS 140gn hollowpoints at the moment. They do the trick nicely on fallow or roe ,and make an awful mess of foxes.

    On the deer all the rounds have gone through the ribs with good expansion and little or no carcass damage. At over 2800 fps they are quite quick for a factory load.

    I am reloading now and am using 129gn SST's, as a friend reloaded some for me and they were very accurate out of my Finnlight, so that's what I am trying.


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