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Thread: hunting with the 270

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    hunting with the 270

    hi all

    well iv been having a rather lucky streak as of late and that continued on yesterdays mooch..

    it was a dry day here yesterday so finished work got my rifle and new bag (go into that in a bit) and made my way to the farm

    i arrived at about 4 and as soon as i entered the field there where two roe standing there fully aware of me .
    they didn't stick around for more than ten seconds and where soon out of site..
    i moved onto the sport where i tend to sit its a big field that slopes down hill to a large rough path of ground with a handful of trees and lot of dry grasses and bramble....

    i stayed in that spot for the next two hours it was nice i spotted a bull finch and im pretty sure a peregrine and then after some time finally my first glimpse of movement in the far side in the rough .

    i grabbed my binos had a quick look and found two munty making there way across the corner i didn't manage a shot as i only seen them for a short time but as i was watching them pass i noticed the two roe from early where now in the field with me they had came over the gate to my left but as all this was happening a chap was walking the foot path on the canal side and very kindly sent the two muntjac racing out of cover right into the line of fire so i now had four deer in front of me all running my way... i honestly didn't know witch one to go for and as a result i didn't get a shot of at any of them lol .. it was very odd i did not know where the chap walking went so was unhappy firing that way and 3 of the 4 deer heading in that direction so it was just a big mess up....

    i feared the worse as time was now cracking on and light was fading .....

    i waited another 15 minuets and gave a few calls on the butterlo now im not a massive fan of these but i thought id give it a whirl....

    5 minuets later i once again caught movement in the bottom end a quick look and mr munty had came back out probably looking for his lady friend... this time i was on him and waiting for my shot . he came out very slowly and begin to make his way up field. at this point a gave a shout knowing it was a good 2o0 yards i rested the cross hairs on his back to allow for the drop and let the 270 go to work.. i massive shot rang out (glad i have cotton wool in my ears) and mr munty was down and hit very hard

    i made the walk down to him and he turned out to be a nice big old strong looking munty with quite odd antlers . they where big very think and one of the brown tines where joined to the rest of the antler never seen it before but it made a unique head and probably a bronze medal...

    a couple with the flash on as i was loosing the light fast


    now as i shoot alone it get a bit tricky getting deer back to the car so i thought a roe sack may help but looking at the prices i thought balls to that il make one lol

    i got a ex army sea sack took it too a tailor and got him to fasten on some clips to hold the bag into a smaller bag like position and once i got a deer the lot would unclip and make a big sack to hold the lot that way i would make the journey back to the car more manageable

    bag as a smaller rucksack

    image hosting without account

    unclip the three

    photo hosting

    both sides open out

    image hosting no account

    also the bottom this is now making it a big sack

    free screen capture

    this has all my bits it and the munty buck lob it on my back and away i was the total cost was 10 for the bag and 13 for the stitching and hay presto got a good strong deer bag...

    image hosting no registration

    sorry bit long winded but i thought it may help...

    thanks all andy...

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    Great calibre, 270 is my personal favourite too.

    Great trophy, that is certainly unique.

    Great roe sack, well thought out.

    Great write up.

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    Good on you. Not many have the patience to sit still and they miss out on a lot as a result (I'm not talking just about deer). .270 is a great round and I will soon be going back to it as my primary caliber.

    I like the roe sack as well. I have done similar with a custom build.

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    Thats a decent Munty!
    Well done....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    well done to you nice write up, atb doug,

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    You might have one already but I can't see it. A large ortlieb canoe bag makes a good liner for the sack. Or a cheaper version of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    You might have one already but I can't see it. A large ortlieb canoe bag makes a good liner for the sack. Or a cheaper version of them.

    i get large polly bags from work tough as anything i put the deer in them first saves the bag getting messy inside.. thanks the for idea..

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    Nice Munty buck, worth getting measured I would say. Looks like it could make silver to me. Well done.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    Nice Munty buck, worth getting measured I would say. Looks like it could make silver to me. Well done.
    hiya malk.. to be honest i have a feeling it may hit silver i will measure it later and see... shame i didn't make it to you this year i would have loved a cwd....

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