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Thread: Parker Hale Model/s ID's?

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    Parker Hale Model/s ID's?

    Rather than clutter someones post, I thought I'd stick this on it's own here , Brithunter, if you are recognising these pics & markings, I would be grateful if you could let me know what you know!? Steve...[img]

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    hang on fin i will go put this post on the 50"wide screen in the front room

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    Sorry Ash, don't know what I did to get that result!?

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    OK here goes you have a 1975 Vintage 1200 Super. From the first year they used the circle or oval instead of the crossed lances.

    I notice that your Millet rings are moving on the P-H bases. Those Millets are not very good I am sorry to say and yes I tried a set on a fairly light recoiling 6mm Rem and they failed to stay put. I tightened tham as much as possible until one of the "cast" claws broke. I changed the mount system on that rifle to Weaver bases and rings.

    Not sure if it's the angle but the Recoil pad seems to ahve the wrong angle at the heel of the stock. I am wondering if it's been replaced?

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    nice one as soon as i get my hands on mine i will need to post my details of my 270 as i havnt seen much on the tinterweb,finbear that 308 looks nice .

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    Brit, the angle thing is explained by the stock having been "Chopped" to accomodate Mrs Finnbear's stature! the mounts are tight & locked with Rocol X-16-38. It's in Muir's terminology "Shooting Bugholes" Steve, thanks for the info.

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    OK no problem but your big blown up photos show the damage to the P-H bases and knowing how poorly those Millets held on mine. On my 1200V I ahd the thick recoil pad replaced with a thinner one as the LOP was too long for me.

    Hmmm I must get some upto date photos of it.

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