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Thread: Freehand fun.

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    Freehand fun.

    After a DSC1 course at the weekend we had some fun, a shoot off freehand.
    We did the DSC1 targets at the set ranges under DSC standard.
    It was windy with a gusting crosswind.
    Had it not we would have walked it easy.
    We filmed it for the benifit of a forum member or 2 in mind, not to cause trouble but to make a point and we had fun doing it (there was a pint at stake).
    Please don't debate the film it was a bit of fun.
    Had we failed miseribley I promise we would have shown the film also.
    No practice straight in on live fire.
    Enjoy, and have a laugh if you like at our expense.

    regards john and paul.
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    Looks like great fun, good shooting lads

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    Well done.

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