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Thread: .223 rounds

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    .223 rounds

    Hi All

    Brought a new (to me) .223 I need to see what it likes.

    Does anyone have half a dozen rounds of half a dozen different types to see what it likes?

    Happy to pay for them just don't want to have to buy a load of boxes and know I wont use them!

    Live in Leicester, travel to retford and huntingdon a bit so A46, M1, A14 corridors can easily be collected from!



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    luke try some privvy55grn soft points only nine quid for twenty , i tried them in mine as i was in same position as you tried zero first two not even on board next six all touching happy days, atb mate doug,
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    Try ppu privvi first. It shoots well in every rifle I use at the right price

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    Thanks guys, ill have a look!

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