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Thread: Meet up in cheshire

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    Meet up in cheshire

    Following on from the thread in the social section, as silkadog suggested a post in general discussion may do better.
    Open to suggestions, Alderley edge has been mentioned so far!!

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    Max, have a quick re read regards Alderley Edge!

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    Alderly Edge don't you need a special passport to live there.. about a mill or two in the bank

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    Alderley or Wilmslow would suit me - i only live 10mins away from either...



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    Can I come, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua
    Can I come, too?
    hav you been invited???

    i'm sure all will be welcome if and when

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    Not so much an if, just a case of when and where. I'm based Stockport, Poynton,Macclesfield way, so fairly central.

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    Wilmslow is ok by me but how is it for everyone else, finnbear,sikadog etc.

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    I'm located right on the western edge of the county, in Chester, I reckon it might be an option to do what the council has done & split it, I don't see me travelling over to the steaming metrolopi* for a pint,

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