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Thread: Help me decide please

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    Help me decide please

    I've put this on another forum, but I would like you chaps to look as well (plus my post count goes up)! I'm in the market for a new Gun Cabinet.
    I'm looking at 3 Brattonsound models.
    ST9+ 9 gun full
    ST7+6/7 gun full
    RD7+ scoped rifle
    I don't have the height under my stairs to buy a cabinet with an internal store inside.
    I own a side by side, an over and under and a scoped air rifle.
    I will be buying more shotguns.
    There is approximately £33.00 difference between the three.
    What do I do ?
    Comments welcome.

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    I would go RD7+ personally, the extra depth is always ideal, particularly if you intend to buy centre fire with decent objective lenses.

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    Get the st9 or rd7. Think they are the same just different foam slots stuck in. I bought a second hand st9 but got spare foam slots so it could accommodate rifles better.

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    I have the RL7+ (this is just the RD7+ but with a locking top compartment). You will certainly appreciate the extra depth if you buy another air rifle (or centre fire for that matter) with a 50mm objective scope or a bipod on it. It is also useful if you have shotguns with a reasonable amount of drop on the stock as the ones designed for shotguns can be rather snug in my experience. You can't fault the engineering and quality of any of the Brattonsound range, and whilst I haven't needed to test it yet, the customer service is said to be excellent as well. Just for the love of god, DON'T LOSE THE KEY! Even though they give you 2 it is an absolute nightmare to get a replacement, as Brattonsound source them from another company and cannot get you one.
    Hope this helps,

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    Always go for the biggest and deepest possible! Yes you may well be able to fit 3 guns in a 3 gun cabinet, but they will be extremely tight and you will invariably damage them whilst reaching in under the stairs in the dark! Scopes and bipods take up extra room which is not accounted for. Always go for more space than the number of guns you have, especially with rifles!

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    Thanks for all of your comments.
    Big is the way forward it seems.
    Regards Mick

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    St9 for me can comfortably hold 15 shotguns

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    As has been said buy the BIGGEST cabinet you can afford

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    Well after waiting for weeks for a second hand one to appear locally, and not !
    I've just ordered a Brattonsound ST9 + from JS Ramsbottom for less than £200 with free delivery.
    Thanks for your help in deciding.

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    and also who says it has to be verticle, ah ah ,atb doug, i will bet you can lie down and open your arms under most stairs!

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