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    Fox Firearms

    Anyone know whats happened to brian's website, it seems to be suspended, i was wanting to oder something from him.

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    Last I heard Brian was not well.
    Historic Guns & Militaria - based in South Bedfordshire - Historic Guns Militaria

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    Still trading as far as I'm aware - perhaps an IT glitch?
    These are the numbers I have used, copied from the site when it was working:

    For UK enquiries please telephone on 0161 430 8278 because we struggle to keep up with e-mails! If no answer from the landline, you will make contact on 07941 958464 from 9.00am til 9.00pm.

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    Brian is still trying to keep up but he had another hart attack he is in hospital undergoing by pass but all looks good, his son is keeping it all going but please be patient he will be up and running at full speed soon we all hope

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