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Thread: LOST!then FOUND!

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    LOST!then FOUND!

    Just had a very happy occurence, Earlier in the day I looked out of the office window( As is my wont in these days of little work) & spotted a strange looking bird, at first it's configuration said hawk, but unable to get any detail as it was a good distance off, I then decided it must be a Jay as it was rummaging in the hedge bottom, when it did fly away from my location it looked very Jay like in shape, but no real colouration,? thought no more about it till Mrs Finnbear walks the dogs, get a phone call from her asking me to get out the emergency cage, (for Dogs/Cats & all the rest of it!), She's bringing home a Harris Hawk!, she had walked the usual route past the school & saw a commotion, Teachers & parents all staring up at the roof, She was exhorted to leave as she had dogs with her, so off she goes & then decides to go back after finishing up with the dog walking, she says to the headmaster "would you like me to get it down for you?""OOH! yes please " was the reply," we have phoned the rspca & they are not able to attend straight away!" So out with the glove & day old chick(just defrosted for our Barn Owl), zoom! straight to glove! one young male Harris Hawk!, within 45 minutes his owner arrived at our place & they were re-united, (I was just about to remove the bells from his jesses! to be able to sleep) little guy had been scared on his first flight to game by a crowd of magpies! missing since Sunday about six miles from home! Just hope that those missing dogs have a happy ending! Steve.

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    the owner must have been frantic, a good ending atleast.


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