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Thread: the last ride

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    the last ride

    I know is has been done before but i,m doing it anywhay. I took my old lab bitch for her last ride today
    It does,nt get any easier thats the fifth one I've lost scince I started shooting
    RIP. Cass

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    Been there myself so know exactly how your feeling atm ..... Remember the good times and happiness she brought.

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    It's ****in hard!!
    I took mine, Also called Cass last August.
    I still look to check that she is not laying at the bottom of the stairs. (Her favourite place to get trodden on).

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    R.I.P. Cass
    Walk little- look often .

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    It never gets any easier, I feel for you.

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    Thoughts are with you, lost one of mine in January & still shed the occasional tear, Wingy

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    Sad,sad day.

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    rip cass, and may the memories last forever.

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    It's a Sad day when you lose a dog. Keep your chin up

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