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Thread: new wellies

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    new wellies

    I have had a pair of the french wellies for the last 5 years which have been excellent, but have just started to leak, I have read bad things about the quality of them now and was thinking of getting a pair of leather lined Harkila Upland, would like to hear from anyone who has a pair, cheers

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    Try another French brand; Solognac. I'm very pleased with the pair I've been wearing for the past 2 years. I've got one of the Neoprene models.
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    Bushwear today has 4 pairs of LC leather wellies awaiting collection for burst zips... All out of warranty but hardly a good omen for a 250 boot?

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    leather is crap get neorprene i love my le chamaeu's warm as u like hate the leather
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    I dont want warm wellies my feet get very hot walking in them. Can any one recommend breathable or non sweaty wellies by any chance.

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    My last pair of Le chameau leather lined lasted 4 years faultlessly, their replacement, bought in November, hmm....already back to the shop as the rubber came unstuck from the sole a month ago. So in three months of wear a very simple and shoddy bit of damage. They do seem to have been cheapened somewhat! These will be my last le chameau, shame, I love the comfort, and the look of them, but, for that money, they need to last at the very least 3-4 years in my book! Not 3-4 months!
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    Try muckboots very comfy and good on your feet. Could walk about all day in these

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    Some boots which work really well for me, all USA
    LaCrosse Grange, uninsulated, chain sole, for wet grass, wading creeks, swamps, mud, some snow

    LaCrosse Alpha Burly, tougher lug sole, insulated

    Schnee's Bison Hunter. Schnee's, like Danner, came from the logging industry. They make boots for hunting in deep snow, wet and rough timber like the Cascade Mountains. Many of their boots are made to fit in stirrups for horseback hunting.

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    Seeland Estate neoprene do the job - not too warm, not cold, Vibram sole for good support when walking over rough ground. Should be around the 100 mark. Just replaced my first pair after 3 years, still functioning, but not barbed wire fence proof!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    At least there are no zips to fail but by the time you have this lot done up we could be into the roe rut!


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