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Thread: Mid range vermin calibre

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    Mid range vermin calibre

    I would be interested in members thoughts and recommendations for mid range vermin control.
    To be used for fox and corvid out to 300yrds.
    Wont be home loading

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    I love my triple duece for that job out to 200-250 yards but wouldn't rule out the 22/250 if you want that extra out to 300 yards

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    .223....loads of factory ammo in various sizes of bullet weight...large selection of rifles across the price range...popular and easy to get hold of and if you end up loading your own easy to load and the best bit is it opens up charlie like a zip...!!!!...Hugh.

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    If your not reloading then .223 may be they way to go for ammo choice and avilibilty. A .204 would be good to although a little expensive to feed if using factory ammo.
    how much would a .22-250 cost to feed and what is the ammo avilibilty like?


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    223 nine quid a box of privvy less than 50p a fox

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    Triple is the same mate

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    22 250 a good choice,223 will kill them just as dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    22-250 every time

    How risky would it be buying a used one? I only ask because I know where there is a Ruger No.1 at decent money and.....................well,you know

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