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    zeiss conquest

    il be after a new scope shortly and been thinking of a zeiss conquest or a duralyt i see swillington has them both for sale at great prices any pros and cons between these 2 ,any advice is appreciated ,
    or if any other scopes you can suggest for similar money ? will be used for 75% foxing and rest roe with my .223. currently have a schmidt & bender 6x42 on it which is brilliant but could do with a bit more mag at times
    thanks allan

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    A friend of mine uses a durlite in 3-12x 50 it's the ir model and is great in low light . I would also look at the meopta 3-12x56 meostar ir I use one on these scopes for foxing they have great light gathering and I find the eye relief is very good you can pick a target up very quick . Hope this helps a little

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