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Thread: A shabby and greedy railway franchise....some would say

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    A shabby and greedy railway franchise....some would say

    Maybe as I have done we can write in and make comment about this rather silly little jobsworth working for East Midlands Trains?

    Their contact is 08457 125678.

    Or e-mail

    I'm just asking what sanction or penalty has been directed against the officious and odious member of staff that was involved in all this?

    Guard Threatens to Throw Serving Soldiers Off Train

    An East Midlands Trains guard refused to honour the Ministry of Defence warrants for the four soldiers from the Intelligence Corps.

    The men, who had left Helmand for two weeks’ rest and recuperation, arrived on a flight from Cyprus, which was diverted from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to East Midlands Airport. The four soldiers from 11 Light Brigade were dropped at East Midlands Parkway station to catch the 8.06pm to St Pancras on Jan 7 2010.

    The ticket inspector ordered them off the train because their warrants were made out from Oxford station.

    An MoD source said: “They were still dressed in desert combats and were carrying their kit bags but the guard told them to get off the train and refused to let it leave. The train driver even offered to have the men travel at the front of the train with him. No one on the train could understand why the ticket inspector was being so inflexible.”

    The soldiers were unable to buy tickets because they only had US dollars and the train was the last service to the capital that evening.

    The guard threatened to call the police until another passenger, who gave his name only as Mr Parkes, stepped in and paid for four full-price fares at a cost of £150.

    An MoD spokesman said: “While still in Afghanistan, troops returning from operations are issued travel warrants for their onward travel home. In this case, the flight was diverted to East Midlands Airport because of bad weather. While this may have caused an inconvenience for some passengers, there is a system in place where personnel reclaim costs incurred in cases such as this.”

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    I can’t help thinking what was the ethnic origin of the ticket inspector. If he had of stopped the train he would have had some explaining to do to his bosses, not that he won’t have now he has brought this bad press to the company. I am sure the BT police would have told him to “piss off and stop wasting their time”.

    Disgusted with his actions.


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    Shocked and angry at this, but not surprised.

    This country is now a#se over tit. Need to shake some of the dross out.

    Disgusting way to treat servicemen.

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    send the ticket man to helman province asap!!!!!

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    I live in Leicester so have no choice but to use East Midlands Trains if I want to go directly to London. Their ticket inspectors are all white and about half a dozen or so in number.

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    I don't care what his "Ethnicity" is I would like to see him "re -educated", I seem to remember a story somewheres about a soldier in uniform being refused fuel for his vehicle at the pumps unless he came back in civvies, how much truth is in this one I'm not sure.

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    Rearrange the words to make a commonly used phrase:

    Has Dogs Country This To Gone The


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    Enoch Powell was right, there'll be blood on the streets!

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