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Thread: Lundhags boot advice?

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    Lundhags boot advice?

    Have seen a great deal on lundhags boots at less than half price, but got a couple of queries before I commit.

    how do sizes generally come up? I normally a 9.5 in most things so should I go for the 44, which they say is equivalent to 9 2/3uk?

    I like the look of the forest ranger boots (well they're a good price!), but I note that they are unlined, single layer. What exactly does this mean functionally? Would I have to wear something other than just hiking sock in them? Or should I go for the more expensive synchro? Bearing in mind these will be mid boots for lowland stalking.

    thanks for any tips,

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    mine are unlined and the best boots I've ever had , I just wear them with thick socks on the hill in Scotland and they are fine so should be fine for lowland stuff (personally I wear my le chameau wellys for lowland stuff) i'm an 11 , ordered an 11 and they are fine , they seem to come up large which is good for my plates !
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    I put up the earlier thread with the half price deal and sinbad posted last night that he'd ordered the Synchros which he had been after. If you PM'd him he might be able to give you a steer on those if he'd already looked into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    mine are unlined and the best boots I've ever had

    I have had an unlined pair for 10 years or so and they are great. Wear them on the Hill in Scotland, when it's wet & cold in Oxfordshire, and took them up to Sweden when hunting moose and it was -6.

    Mine, I think, are 44's and I take a 9.5-10 shoe. They have plenty of room, though normally I only wear them with one pair of thick(ish) socks.

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    Mike, i am a average 8/42 the lundhags i tried on a while ago are a decent size 8 but as i will be using them for winter stalking a thick pair of socks make them a snug but not to tight a fit. I decided to get the syncros as at 174.99 they are still cheaper by a big margin than the rangers etc at normal prices.
    Cant wait for them to arrive now.
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