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Thread: Why Fallow stalker has not posted

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    Why Fallow stalker has not posted

    Just so you are all aware, I have just got off the phone with Fallow Stalker, who has asked me to pass on his apologies for not posting of late.

    Me old mate has moved up to Norfolk to a new job and home and is still sorting things out, including setting up his broadband. So he will not be on line for a while yet, but has asked me to inform the masses on here. He wishes you all well, and will be back in the saddle shortly.

    Luck bugger is living on a country estate with Roe, Munties, Fallow and Reds.

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    good luck fallow stalker.when you manage to read sounds like a terrible place you have moved to.

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    Re: Why Fallow stalker has not posted

    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Luck bugger is living on a country estate with Roe, Munties, Fallow and Reds.
    What no CWD or Sika! How will he manage?

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    Speaking for Fallow Stalker, he has Sika as he stalks with me and is part of a team that manages a lease I have. CWD are nearby where he lives, and he has taken some with me a couple of years back.

    He hopes to make some inroads on the area where he lives, so fingers crossed for the old boy

    I will say he is a very professional stalker, and a good man. Thats embarresed him now

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