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    Post Op Problem

    My mate has a 6 year old lab bitch. Up until this incident she was an above average gundog, alert, agile and just full of life.
    About 6 weeks ago the dog was taken for her yearly check during which it was noted by the vet that she had a broken and loose back tooth. An arrangement was made to have the tooth removed under general anaesthetic. On the day my mate took the dog in and was told that she would be ready to be collected about 2.30pm. Not long after dropping her off he received a phone call from the vet saying that they had seen another 5 teeth (2 bottom 3 top) that were also loose. It was agreed that these teeth be removed at the same time.
    Just before 2.30 my mate got another call stating that the dog was still well under and that he should leave it till about 5.30. At this time he uplifted the dog. She was still fairly groggy but recovered soon after she was in the fresh air. Apart for going out to the toilet that evening she slept right through till the following morning. She was now apparently fine and was able to go for a short walk and had a light meal.
    Since this op the dog has more and more began to hold her head to the left and would appear to be weak on her left side. She quite often stumbles into objects on her left. She has gone from a dog full of life to looking bewildered and confused although she is still eating well, goes out for exercise.
    Last Saturday she was out at our shoot but she is just not the same dog. She has lost interest and the drive that she had.
    My mate has had her back at the vet and he considers that she may have had a slight bleed in the brain during the op.
    To me she acts like she has had almost a slight stroke.
    In time is there any hope of recovery? Is this just one of the risks taken during anaesthetic?
    The dog is a pet as well as a working dog so there is no great probelm if she does not work again to her full potential but it is almost sad to see a dog go like this.

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    it is a great shame when this happens and not that uncommon either
    any OP can be fatal, even routine ones
    even more so when under anaesthetic?

    the fact there may of been a bleed or slight stroke
    will probally mean the dog will never make a full recovery only a partial one
    and hopefully will show lots of improvement over time
    my thoughts is now the dog should not be allowed to work again off the leash, because of the constant threat it may hav another stroke if that is what has happened
    a stroke, i know can happen at any point but even worse if it happens out in the field as you may not see where the dog goes down
    could mean hours of searching the undergrowth or one hell of a traumatic carry back to the motor ...etc..etc
    if like you say it is also a family pet
    then better safe than sorry and put the girl into early retirement
    very sad day indeed

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    Thanks Stone. I was up at my mate's house today and seeing the dog as she now is prompted me to write the thread. I have known the dog since she was a pup and she has often stayed at mine whilst he was on holiday. It truly is sad to see.

    I have had dogs operated on before including one with a broken leg and each time has been a success but as you say every op carries a risk.

    It is more than likely this dog will be retired unless she does start to show some improvement. Luckily he bought a part trained dog during last summer so he will not be without a dog and this youngster seems to keep her spirits up.

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    I would ask the vet for a referral to a specialist veterinary neurologist. There are many conditions that could cause these symptoms some of which are treatable. Dont give up on her too soon.



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    Srvet, Unfortunately after a weeks course of steroids and a slight improvement this dog went rapidly back to being totally confused and stumbling into all sorts of things. The right decision was made and she was put to sleep.

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    Sorry about the bad news


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