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    Covered Trailer

    Not 100% sure where to put this so will stick it in here.
    I had this made about 3 years ago when I was doing the discos and stuff but never actually used it. Cost me a bit as it is made from good thick wood. (I haven't measured it but can if anybody is interested)
    It has been sat in my garage not doing much so I think it is time to part company. (2 trailers is a bit excessive) I took it for a 20 mile drive and it tows well. The bearings are not running hot so they all appear to be in good condition.

    The lights are not working 100%. I will try to have a look at the weekend. I think it is the right hand brake light. I will wiggle things and see if I can spot anything. They used to work so it might be something simple like a bulb or a loose wire.

    As a stab at what it is worth I will ask for 200. I had a look at the bay of evil and 200 seems like a very fair price.

    maybe it will make a good dog carrier? (Starting to sound a bit QVC there)

    Dimensions (approx) are
    3' wide
    5' long
    4'5" to where it starts to come into the point (ah, you know what I mean.
    3'6" high

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