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Thread: Allcocks centrepin

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    Allcocks centrepin

    As above gents looking for a cheap all cocked cebtrepin reel for coarse fishing
    pm me with what you have please
    atb Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Do your self a favour and go have a look at the Okuma range, they work well and don't cost the earth.
    I used to only use Match Ariels but soon came to realise they are easily over worked by a decent carp.
    After a while all mine started to warp and run out of true, not the end of the world as they can be fixed
    ok, it just become a nuisance, and shouldn't be needed on a reel of thats supposed quality, they are also
    selling for far too much money these days, my last remaining Ariel sold for nearly 300 on e-bay about a year ago
    If you have a better budget you can't beat the Young's purists, yes they may be nearly as much money as an old Ariel
    but they are at least strong, light and run true, to the point I can swap spools between all of mine, and the few I ordered
    with spare spools also fit all reels. but they are a bit addictive, I'm up to 11 of them now, all in pairs or 3's + a few spools

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    Thanks Neil much appreciated do you have any experiance with the Youngs older trudex reel ?
    Atb jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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