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Thread: Deer Stalking Short Documentary in Scotland

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    Post Deer Stalking Short Documentary in Scotland

    Hi All,

    This is my first post in the forum. I am a film director who has recently put together this short film which I thought members of this forum might find interesting.

    It is a 9 minute short documentary about deer stalking. The aim is to increase awareness among those who oppose stalking about how it works and why it is an important aspect of life in the UKs countryside. I went deer stalking for the first time 2 years ago and decided that it was a topic that was misunderstood by the vast majority of people whom I spoke to about it.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions and am hoping to share the video as widely as possible both within the deer stalking community and beyond that. The film will be touring various short film festivals around the world.

    It is, in parts quite graphic, so please be aware of this when watching.

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    Apologies, my name is Ryan Dean and I am the MD of a production company called The Big RD. My contact details are on the Vimeo page or alternatively Google 'The Big RD'

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    Sounds interesting, is there a link to the video?

    ignore that found it on Vimeo, fantastic film well done!
    really think it captured the essence of stalking deer in that part of the country, would love to see a similar version on woodland stalking.

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    Very good video and very informative. The close up on the Gralloch or the removal of the head was not necessary , these should have been done, But at a distance in my opinion if you are to sell it to the public.

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    Very good. Pleased to see another informative video. People need to understand why it is done and this kind of thing helps.

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    Ryan, that was one of the best clips of stalking I have ever seen. The messy gralloch indicated a less than perfect shot, but overall it was an excellent film. Well done!

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    Thankyou all. I wanted the film to also reflect on people's eating habits and felt this was an opportunity to show the process of killing an animal and butchering it. I wanted people to consider that when they eat meat the animal was once alive and also to consider that this animal has lived an infinitely better life than 99% of most animals that are consumed by humans.

    I appreciate the comment of filming from a distance but I wanted to show the whole process so people can understand. I don't think this film would ever work for terrestrial TV but for the film festival circuit this is ok.

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    That's 2 great videos in a matter of weeks on the forum mate nicely done.

    Couple of observations.

    1. As has been said, I'm not sure Joe public need to see the messy gralloch and head removal close up but depends what you want to achieve with the film?
    2. I'm sure the inside was spotless but I'm not sure how the public would react seeing the venison they are going to pay for end up inside a mucky metal container. Again depends what your ultimate end aim was with the film but if it's to promote venison as a sustainable food product you may have been better off showing the inside instead?

    I'd like to see more though films like this though maybe of woodland stalking and on the different species,


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    good film
    liked it
    more films out there the better IMO

    unfortunate that to many on here it will have looked like a gut shot with a .243!
    am sure the best practice HSE boys will be along soon to pick apart the process aspect!

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    It was a lung shot I believe.

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