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Thread: Nightmaster 800 query?

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    Nightmaster 800 query?


    I was just wondering, firstly, if any of you have the Nightmaster 800? And if so will it mount onto a Nightforce 8-32x56 scope?
    I have heard they are bloody good but because i'm as tight as a ducks a***hole I'm reluctant to spend that much on a light, that im not sure if it will be up to the job. Any info. would be appreciated.

    Cheers and hope you have a good start on the bucks!!

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    They are good and I have mounted one on my nightforce scope. The basic mount that comes with it isnt very exciting but they do a seperate mounting kit involving picatinny rails that can be made to work.

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    Buy one , you won't regret it

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    Im friends with the guy who owns the company. I get to go out with all the new toys and have play. They are really good mounted on top of the rifle. The light when at its tightest is a square ish shape and doesn't really have any glare around it. I would use the red led. I've seen the green, white, blue and the best is red in my eyes.

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    Hope this is all true as I'm picking mine up tomorrow having already bit the bullet so to speak, 175 for the turbo kit with the extension and extra battery.
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    i have put mine of a z6i 2.5-15x56. great light. i can see eyes at over 400 meters, at that distance all you can see is the eyes.


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    I found this on ebay. It claims to be better than the nightmaster and is a red led.

    I bought one but have not used in anger. I have took the dog for a walk in the dark and sent him off across the field. I could see him at the other end of the field approx 300 yards away. It would be good to try it side by side with the Nightmaster 800 to make a direct comparison.

    Modified UF T20 SHOOTING LAMP cree xpe RED LED ! ASPHERICAL LENS | eBay

    Looks like this seller has relisted the item a few times, but does not seem to have another one listed at the moment.

    Hope that may help.

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    Nightmaster 800 = money well spent, I have heard about and seen most of the alternatives, but never seen any that are as handy or even came near the mark, excellent piece of kit.

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    I have one for my 243 foxing rifle with nightforce 8-32x56 see foxes at 300+ noprob with red led you wont go back to your old kit

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