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Thread: contact lenses

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    contact lenses

    i have recently started wearing contact lenses and my long range vision (2-3 meters and further) is great but am strugling with short range such as reading and more anoying i cant get my binos to focus whilewearing them.

    does anybody know why this is?

    i can actualy get much sharper focus on the binos with no vision corection at all

    this is quite anoying because i use binos and scopes rifles dayly and thought it would be easyer to use optics without glasses in the way

    any advice would be great.

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    I would suspect you are over 40. It is then called old age. As a glasses wearer I have use dcontacts. The Bino.s would have to be adjusted to suit wearing the lenses. Reading glasses needed for short work. It is the reason I gave up. You probably now read better without glasses than with. The lens of the bino's are focused from the glass lens of the glases. This changes without glases, The bins lens in now closer to the eye. focus is altered.
    It is a stage I went through so just speculating age is catching up,

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    age it most probably is I have in the last year gone from being more than able to focus close in while wearing lens to needing reading glasses with lens .normal glasses funnily enough leave me unable to read as well, although pushing them out of the way returns clarity! optics however should be adjustable to allow you to see clearly through them while wearing lens

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    Looks like you have joined us in the veterans club. I have same problem, my eyes are now about -5 diopters.

    If I wear soft contacts then it is a bugger for close up work. On your bins, adjust out eye cups to max, and then adjust appropriate eye piece on one side of bins having first adjusted other with main focusing control. Should be fine.

    You will find that you will have to wind out the adjuster on your scope. Can be realy critical on some scopes, it is vital on my MK 4 Leupold.

    To focus reticule, point unloaded rifle at sky, so effectively infinity and then adjust adjuster on rear objective of scope until the reticule is in fine focus. Simple but vital.

    Only problem is when your sharing some one elses rifle, esp at night foxin.


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    Get them lasered

    you will never look back

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    By coincidence, I'm (a) a contact lens wearer, and (b) went for my full check-up on my peepers this morning....

    All OK with my eyes BUT the Optician did ask if I could read without problems when wearing my lenses (fortnightly disposables); I can, but she did say that may change over the next couple off years (I've just turned 40 by the way....I know, I know, I don't look it..... ).

    Would support the view that it's just the passage of time.

    As an aside, I was 7 minutes late for my appt due to slow-moving traffic on icy roads; when I arrived, I was met rather huffily with "You are VERY late for your appointment. You do know that don't you?"

    My reply: "Last time I arrived here bang on-time - on bone dry roads - you kept me waiting for 45 minutes. I think that kind of levels things out...."

    Cheeky buggers.



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    Mrs Sikadog wears contact lenses and shoots, she wears a long distance one in her right eye and a short distance one in her left eye and last year on beaters day she shot a left and right at ducks. So there must be something wright.

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    Cyres, I take it you have borrowing condition then?

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    I went the OTHER way. From wearing contacts to stopping wearing them and wearing glasses. I am short sighted so I just take off my glasses for reading or fly tying.

    I keep them on for shooting. Either with iron sights or with a telescopic sight. What I can't do now is use a mid-barrel open sight. Think SMLE or most air rifles.

    Still OK with a receiver mounted aperture sight. Think No. 4 and aperure sight air rifles.

    The only problem is taking glasses off for close up work then forgetting where I've put them! And I'm not going to use the Larry Grayson solution to that!

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    Fraid even at my young age I have succumbed to the glasses off scenario & can't wear my lenses, thought about laser treatment but was told it doesn't really cure this problem and it still re-occurs at a later date meaning you still need reading glasses

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