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Thread: Change of calibre after FAC application

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    Question Change of calibre after FAC application

    I'm hoping to get my application in this year and am likely to choose calibre based on good availability of reasonably priced second hand rifles. At the moment it's likely I'd plump for .308

    However, what happens if that goes through and I'm granted .308 but then a good deal on another suitable calibre comes up on here or Guntrader? Is it a quick and easy process to get your first FAC varied before actually purchasing the calibre originally granted?

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    Sods law says that whatever calibre you choose then all the rifles you want will be of another calibre. You dont however have to restrict yourself to a single rifle on your application. you can ask for several calibres as long as you can provide a good reason. Then if these are granted you can buy the best deal you find and leave the others as authorised purchases on your certificate, you dont have buy every calibre you have applied for immediately, you dont even need to buy them at all. If in the future you want to buy a calibre which isn't on your FAC but you have a spare slot for another calibre you can ask for a variation which would then be free.

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    I think if you've decided that a .308 meets your needs then it's worth sticking to it. Second hand deals roll onto the market daily and if you miss out on one appealing offer another one is invariably around the corner. I only had to wait four days after my licence arrived to find a .243 I liked the look of and popped out on the Sunday to pick it up. I waited three months to find a .223 that floated my boat but wouldn't have considered changing calibre to take advantage of a deal on a gun.

    I wouldn't fret too much about trying to swap over - what if the new rifle you saw went whilst you were waiting for your variation to come back?

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    its not quick and its not easy to apply or change

    308 is a good choice for anything in the UK (and Scotland )

    depends also on what you will be shooting
    eg if its foxes you might also want a .222 .223

    also apply for a moderator for each rifle even if you dont buy one straight away

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    I had a slot for a 308. Found a good 7mm and had no issues in swapping. Took a couple of weeks for paperwork, but no issues. I think more questions would asked in swapping say a 22cf for a 308 as have different uses, but in real life 270, 7mm, 308 are pretty interchangeable and no deer is go to know difference.

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