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    Alex I notice that there are quite a few guys joining the site without posting the required introduction possibly because they miss the banner at the top of the page. In some cases I think it quite rude and annoying because they ask for things or virtually demand to buy goods offered for sale in the classified section but haven't the courtesy to say HELLO first.

    Is it possible to introduce a system that physically (electronically) prevents potential new (not existing) members from posting until they have posted a suitable introduction?
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    It's a tricky thing to automate Mike. We could feasibly block posting to all forums except Introductions until one post has been made but the trouble is that a lot of people don't read notices. They would just email us straight away asking why they can't post anywhere.... or they'd post nonsense just to get the first post done.

    When you register on the forum now you get an automated PM sent to you from Admin requesting you make an Intro. This has been in place for about a year now I think and is pretty hard to miss what with the pop-up notice and email notification... hard to know how to make it any clearer really.

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