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Thread: Bedding compound

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    Bedding compound

    So I was thinking what's everyone's preferred bedding compound.

    I've used Acraglas for awhile now as I have it to use it's gluing properties, but really it's a bit to runny for my tastes a friend swears by 3m 1751 alluminuim epoxy another devcon 10112.

    So what do you prefer and why I'm not expecting people to agree here.

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    Used a variety of compounds, but now all i ever use is Devcon 10112

    It works, it doesn't shrink, its readily available and suits my requirements (I use lots of it)

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    Devcon for me as well.


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    Yep, but it gets everywhere if your not careful.
    Most of my jeans have a blob on them somewhere
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Another for Devcon, after bedding my action I also used it to stipple my pistol grip and fore end

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    I'm starting to get the feeling Devcon is popular here!!!

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    Deffo devcon 10112Brill stuff

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    What release agent are you all using as I need to do a floorplate... Also how much devcon is needed to bed a action 500g or a 1kg???

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    Good question I've used the brownells stuff but find Kiwi neutral just as good I suspect it will work with Devcon as well.

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    Kiwi neutral does the job fine.

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