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Thread: how would ye like this for a tool

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    Perfick for Arran I would have thought!

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    didnt do too well, getting out !

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    air or water cooled? does the air con have a dehumidifier?

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    ****in loon,

    Is that a adapted Hummer?

    Looks like something off of Broken Arrow (john travolta)??

    even so i wouldn't go wading like that without a snorkel!!


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    Clarkson at it again?

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    how did he/she not drown? they were under the water for some time and it cant be that water tight?

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    Bit hard to see where you're going, not so handy in cold conditions and a real pain if your fags and sandwiches aren't well wrapped. Wouldn't be able put your deer into the food chain either!


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