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Thread: Swarovski SLC 7 x 42 binoculars

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    Swarovski SLC 7 x 42 binoculars

    I have for sale my Swarovski 7x42 SLC's in green. They were sent back to Swarovski last year for warranty work where they replaced lots of components with new parts. They are in good condition and they look brand new. They come with lens covers, Swarovski neck strap and carry case. I have the receipts from Swarovski detailing all work carried out etc.

    I have used these on the open hill and woodland. Only reason I'm parting with them is that I'm upgrading to a set with integral range finder.

    included this video to inspire to the would be new owner of Swarovski binoculars, who won't be disappointed!.


    Pic to follow. PM your interest please.

    looking for 550 as they are amazing binoculars.

    or may consider swap for quality variable scope.
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    Pictures of the binoculars, as original thread they are in good condition and the pictures speak for them self. They do have some small marks on the lenses but they are only noticeable if you are looking for imperfections which don't have any impact on the quality of the glass. They work perfectly and gather an amazing amount of light which produces a very crisp vision through the glass.

    Swarovski replaced the straight pull eye cups with twist cups, along with brand new green cover.

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    Have you seen the offer in the Bush Wear catalog any SLC trade in offer 600.

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    Trade in

    Yeah, but I like the Zeiss RF. So that's no use, however anyone that buys these isn't going to loose out as they are worth at least 600 to bushwear on a trade in!. Proof enough that they keep their value.

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    Sold to Sussex FallowPosted this morning and on their way to you Sir.

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    Arrived safely in Sussex thanks !
    Atb Steve

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    Pleasure, good doing business with you Sir.

    best of luck with your new Binoculars, I hope they bring you the same fortune when stalking as they brought me.


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