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Thread: The Stalking Directory on tour - Quex Museum, Kent, May 2008

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    The Stalking Directory on tour - Quex Museum, Kent, May 2008

    The Stalking Directory goes to The Quex Museum, Birchington, Kent. Saturday 17th/Sunday 18th May 2008.

    Many of you will know that a regular contributor to this site, Sikamalc (aka Malcolm), is also curator of the Quex Museum in Kent. Famed for itís collection of animals, weapons and antiquities, collected from all over the world by Major Powell-Cotton.

    With Malcolmís kind permission and help, Iím organising a visit to the museum on Sunday 18th May 2008, and throwing open the invitation to everyone on this site, so that we can put a few faces to namesÖItís only about a fiver to get in, so itís great value for money.

    Why not get down the day before? If you can make it down to Birchington on the Saturday evening for a few drinks, a meal and a few tall stories (bigger as each pint goes by), it would be great to see you. Iíve included some details of local accommodation and Iíll organise it so that we can all have dinner at one venue Ė if thatís what everyone wants to do.

    The Crown Inn (Cherry Brandy House)
    Sarre, Kent, CT7 0LF.

    Phone 01843 847808. Fax 01843 847914. You can go on line and book through their website.

    Kings Head Inn
    Canterbury Road, Sarre, Kent.
    Phone 01843 847799. Fax 01843 845677

    Iíll post more details once we get closer to the event.




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    Fantastic Rob and Malc.
    Coming down the night before sounds like it could be a laugh. Count me in.

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    I've just booked myself and family into the The Crown Inn. They sound like a good bunch of people.

    Just 'Google Earthed' Quex and realised how close the seaside is. Going to bring a bucket and spade for the children too. Living is Gloucestershire, I don't get to see the sea that often (must get out more)!



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    I wish I was not so far away I would love to go for the weekend. The museum is well worth a visit, I have been there a few times and I am sure you will enjoy it.

    Look out for the exhibit where the lion is arranging it's lunch!


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    I'm in for this one.

    Hi Rob,
    just booked a room at the crown, look forward to meeting some of you there.

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    I might add guys that I am arranging a special tour around the stores, probably in two groups. There are 5,600 big and small game trophies behind the scenes, plus an extensive Firearm and cutting weapon collection. There will be no charge for the tour.

    You may also be interested to know that by the time Major Powell Cotton finished his collecting life, he had 50 new subspecies named after him, of which about 23 still apply.

    Hope many of you can make it, especially as the social evening before could be good fun



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    Good stuff, will be down on the day.

    At what time do we convene?

    I will look out for a somewhat scruffy bunch!

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    Hi Boghossian, well it opens at 11am, so unless Rob has other plans, for those visiting on the Sunday we will meet at 11am in the main car park of the museum on Quex Estate.

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    I've booked in to the Crown Inn too! Plenty of rooms still available! Stone get booked in mate. Just don't ask for an adjoining room to mine!

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    A stalking friend from Kent, Steve, who doesn't post on the site, but was stalking with me yesterday, will be coming along for the Sunday. He knew all about the museum, but hasn't visited yet.

    Steve has been out with me at least three times now, driving up all the way from Kent to Gloucestershire to knock over my fallow and roe. He's been so unlucky, up until yesterday, that we had to crack open the bubbles in celebration when we got back last night! We had the best weather and a wonderful day - 4 deer and two foxes.



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