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Thread: Pictures from one day at the boar feeder.

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    Pictures from one day at the boar feeder.

    I had a look to see what had been visiting my boar feeder. All winter there has been a lack of yearling boar but plenty of roe every evening. so here are a few pictures from one day. There were at least six other roe that visit every day plus a load of jays, pigeons and small birds.
    The boar in the picture is younger of two large boar that have been appearing. The other boar has big tusks but big boar are out of season till the middle of April.
    The poor fox has got a bad case of scab.

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    Some great pics, seems like someone should take the fox to a vets.LOL

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    Great pics Alan, you should do something about that fox, then the pig and later the buck lol

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    Charlie definately needs to go night night!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hej Tony and Jez, The poor fox has only shown on the camera a couple of times over the last month and i think his end is near. Will save the roe for Border when he comes down in August. Looks like a good year for roe this year as its been mild all winter and they have been feedng well. Could do with a nice yearling boar as the freezer is starting to get low on boar meat. If no yearlings show, that boar may end up in my freezer.

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    Hi Alan. Good to see some life again. That looks like one of them poodle foxes
    Been dead on the fox bait here since feb, just badgers having a nosh up.
    hurry up august....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    The poor fox has got a bad case of scab.
    Like mange?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie Treehorn View Post
    Like mange?
    Mange it is. Rävskabb in swedish. Sarcoptes Scabiei. Back in the 80s Rävskabb decimated the swedish fox population. With the decline of the fox there was a large increase in the roe population and at the same time the moose numbers were at a very high level.

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    Looking good Alan and good luck Toby!

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