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Thread: ASE UTRA SL5 ceracoat version

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    ASE UTRA SL5 ceracoat version

    Hi guys, has anybody purchased one of the above by any chance? Looking at the ASE website a black ceracoated version of this stainless mod is available. Since Jackson rifles are the distributors I am assuming that these are available in the UK. My concern in ordering one would be this, about 6 months ago I purchased a brand new ASE SL5 (satin stainless) from a gunsmith friend of mine, he had to order in the mod from jackson's with a 14x1 thread to fit my stainless Sako 85.

    On examining the mod on its arrival I noticed a fair few scratches on its satin stainless finish and wondered if I had been sent a used one in error. After a conversation with jackson's I was told that they fit each specific thread to the mod themselves before shipping (it's a bolt in job ) meaning that they had quite clumsily marked the mod themselves, I explained that when I pay 260 for a new moderator then I expect it to look like new and not second hand, the person on the other end of the phone gave me a daft answer by saying that these are military spec mods and that you can't expect a perfect finish????, luckily my gunsmith friend offered to refinish the mod and bead blasted it back to looking like new again.

    I would advise jackson's to purchase a bead blaster and refinish their shoddy work before shipping their moderators out, at least if my example is anything to go by that is.

    The SL5 has turned out to be great and I am now thinking of purchasing another for a blued rifle but the stainless finish wouldn't look right to my eyes without being coated black, but having to ship a standard SL5 out and back to be Ceracoated (assuming ceracoating costs are approx the same ) would add quite a lot to the initial cost in postage/ RFD fees .

    My concern is that If the Ceracoated version is available , I wonder if jackson's are able to supply one in the thread I want without cocking up the finish, anyone else ordered one?

    Many thanks.
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    I got my standard sl5 shipped direct to JagerSA who did a great job on the cerakote for me.

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    Very very happy with my SL5 (dedicated .223), no quality or finish issues and good service from Jackson Rifles who ran through the thread measuring with my dealer, Jackson Rifles also delivered the mod promptly.

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