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Thread: FC Leases

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    FC Leases

    How many of ya have recieved the 25 leases that are available from the FC and whos tendering?.

    They are after level two from everyone, considering theres only 2970 PASSED there level two i think they will struggle to fill these don't you?

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    HI BY,

    Some small lots up this year, im going to have a look at a few in D&G later this month when thay (FC) can arrange it all, possible just as a buffer to the main areas i have in the Borders.
    How about you?

    If you have FC leases then you will know this but they work on a points system, L2 mandatory, then points for a dog, 4x4, chainsaw cert, manual handling cert, first aid, quad etc etc.

    The lease holder has to be L2 with everybody else working toward that within the lease year. I know of a fairly local beat where the lease was recinded as the other members didnt achieve L2 and the lease holder could'nd possible achieve hill cull target. Harsh!!!

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    Stay away from Craigenbay it sits alongside the local FC depot we leased it a few years ago (See my previos Post)

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    If possible keep away from FC all together you are only paying to walk in a desert. You can get much more value for money else were.

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    Dearstalker2010, hit the nail on the head some forestry leases have had the C//p shot out of them before they release them back onto the market.

    The prices they command are normally top side and the returns can be small. I wouldnt say everyone is like this but I would be careful about putting money down and I would recommend you view the area up for lease and take a look at access and how many deer are present before parting with hard earned cash.


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    fc leases

    hi if you look through leases and descriptions there are a lot of very small cull figures which they want top dolar for .i personally think that in between agreeing the lease and getting the lease the fc shoot the land day and night .they want there cake at both ends venison and money
    atb tom

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    FC Leases

    If you want to pay top dollar for a walk in the woods have at it.

    While you are sleeping the FC rangers (who are on a bonus scheme) are lamping your patch.

    I went out with a ranger to view a patch near me 3000 plus VAT and he had taken 15 roe off with the lamp inthe previous week.

    Plenty more where they came from was his argument.

    I did not bid.

    If we all told the FC where to go they would have to rethink.

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    I Agree

    I think that the FC will come unstuck very soon as they are requesting that everyone is Level two considering there is only 2500 people with this I reckon there time is up.

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    I`ve had the latest leases sent through and to be honest they won`t be getting an offer out of me. Looking through them they are wanting top dollar for few deer numbers.

    Me and armo used to be in a syndicate on the pilot hill forest near Straiton, and to be fair it was pretty good ground and i did have my fair share of deer off there in the year that i was in it.

    I once put an offer in for Sika in the Borders and that place went balistic with stupid offers being put in. It was only about 600 acres and i had in on good authority by the Borders Chief ranger that he had offers in excess of 6000 for the place, but wasn`t necessarily going to take the highest offer, yeah right.

    The best thing would be that nobody put offers in, maybe this might make them think they are asking too much money and expecting people to jump through too many hoops to get ground.

    Rant over.


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    i looked at the ground you where in and saw red as well as roe how did you get on there,as for the leases avalable now i have seen quiet a few in the past and the cull numbers have been reduced but the price is up,i'm not sure why so many are up at once,however i have a lease and i have no issue's with price,cull figures and getting a straight answer to my questions, you take your chance
    ps the sika ground nr stobo i heard went for over 7k thats wat has been banded around

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