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Thread: new stock for cz 527 exclusive in 223

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    new stock for cz 527 exclusive in 223

    ive been out foxing this evening morning and damaged my wooden stock must of hit a bad bumpy bit with the quad and the rack ive made for the rifle it must of given it a fair crack so the wooden stock needs replaced, i looking to put a synthetic plastic type of stock onto it and i use the rifle a lot and think this would be harder wearing than the wooden stock , can anyone point me in the right direction of where i can get such a stock at a reasonable price preffereably in the uk ?

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    i'm quite sure brock and norris have just started running a 'tactical' line of 527 replacement stocks and they had an ad on here lately.

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    will call tommorow

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    got a price from staffs synthetic stocks today for a stock from them OMFG nearly took a heart attack !!! looking at 350 plus bedding and various bits bobs cut out to fit the rifle looking at 500 quid or about !!!! im as well buying a brand new synthetic stock rifle !!!!! i did get an email from a american company who are going to start doing them in a months time so we shall see

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    theres a chap on here does stock work im sure he mentioned fixing cracked stocks, after all its wood glued and clamped properly , i think its welshwarrior

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    Can your wooden stock not be repaired there's not much that can't be fixed in wood, it's then a case of cosmetics.

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    I once repaired a CZ 550 stock that was completely broken at the wrist. I first removed the steel spacer sleeve in the rear trigger guard screw hole and then got everything to a point where I could approximate the two pieces of the stock back to their correct position. I put a lot of masking tape on the stock to prevent getting any glue where I didn't want it and then mixed up some acraglas gel and dyed it to the proper color. This was liberally smeared on the two halves then the two were put back together to dry. The havles fit together tight enough I wasn't worried about them coming apart but I did worry they might become mis-aligned so I had the forend clamped in a Bisley vice with the butt almost vertical. I kept checking the alignment for the first three hours but nothing moved and the excess glue I had on the mixing pad was getting solid so then went to bed. The next day everything looked pretty good so that evening I bored a 1/2" hole from the inside of the action area down through the axis of the pistol grip. Mixed up another batch of acraglas (didn't bother to dye it). I pushed a bunch of acraglas into the hole and then inserted a 1/4" threaded rod into the hole that had been previously cut to the proper length. The next step was to bed the gun in the usual manner. I was able to make the gun look fairly presentable, like a hunter's rifle, cleaning up the checkered wrist with checkering files. A little oil on top of the acraglas made it blend fairly well with the finished wood. On top of this the gun shot better once it had been bedded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    i'm quite sure brock and norris have just started running a 'tactical' line of 527 replacement stocks and they had an ad on here lately.
    Have a look at Boyds stocks . Think they do a laminate for a 527. Very good for the money.

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