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Thread: fallow frusration

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    fallow frustration

    Just spent an extremely frustrating 2 days attempting to stalk fallow deer for the first time. No shortage of deer seen, but no one success.

    I started out full of the confidence of the ignorant. I shoot lots of roe - how difficult could this be, really?

    I am now rather humbled. They KNOW you're there. Always. And promptly vanish.

    So - to the wise and experienced: what's the best way to do this?

    I came to the conclusion that high seat/ambush was the probably the way forward. I just do not have the ninja stealth required to get into them by stalking.
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    I know the feeling mate, the bloody things just won't co-operate.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    A word from the least wise and little expeirianced. Welcome to the world of fallow stalking

    They certainly are a challenge. I have found ambush works well where i shoot as the pieces of land are small so there is no chance of seeing the herd from a distance and planning a stalk in. I also found that you think your moving slowly its probably not slow enough. at least half the speed you would normally stalk and see how you get on

    Regards pete

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    Fallow can drive a man to madness

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    Had a good stalk this am was sent after a stunted fallow pricket seen last night I spyed it as I was coming down the tower ladder ,set pod up shot it job done ,call from mate to say a bunch were heading my way on the woods edge they just disappeared into thin air as fallow so often do .walk then rest up for ten mins spying I often give the call a pheep to see what's got its head up ,stalking fallow at this time of year is challenging you didn't fail you just didn't get lucky !

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    Had 3 very frustrating stalks for Fallow at Elmer Fudds in Monmoth .saw loads got photos of the gits in the distance .sat and watch 14 of them file onto the golf course behind the woods we were watching .the b n b i stayed in next to a certain golf course <a no shooting zone>i stopped counting them after 30 of themon the last morning phil my guide got me to within 6 ft of one u couldnt see through the pines he just legged up the hill towards the pubic footpath ,i can still hear the deer,s laughter Mungo they are the most frustrating creatures ive ever tried to stalk and your not alone in your suffering

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    Most elusive animals I have seen. On the videos on utube the fallow they shoot must be hand reared or park deer because none on our land act like them.

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    As said, you need a bit of luck as well. Keep going on the fallow, when you've had some success on them have a go on the Sika. Fallow will seem a breeze after them. Bet you had great fun trying though.

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    My advice is, if you see fallow in woods do not try and get closer, or move to nearest tree unless completely undetected. If the shot is on and distance is ok get rifle up and take the shot if your comfortable.
    A soft whistle will stop any doe in their tracks, that does put pressure on the shot though as within a few seconds after that there gone!

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    +ONE for ambush tactics, learn there movements and dont over do the places you have success, W.S...
    Walk little- look often .

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