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Thread: Food Dehydrator for Biltong, Jerky etc

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    Food Dehydrator for Biltong, Jerky etc

    As I'm moving house and breaking up my larder, I am selling my excellent L'Equip Pro-Filter food dehydrator. I have mostly used this for making venison biltong and for drying deer liver to train my dogs but it can do loads more, including making your own dehydrated rations for camping

    • Digital LED time and temperature displays
    • 530 watts / 240 volts
    • Unique air filtration system for clean air drying (patent pending)
    • 2 deep and 4 regular trays for added versatility
    • Up to 20 trays can be used to expand its dehydrating capacity
    • 6 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Comes with 6 mesh screens
    • Dries evenly right to the corners of the trays
    • Precise digital solid state temperature control
    • Computerised heat sensor for a stable drying environment
    • Unique air pressure stabilisation dries more consistently than other stacking tray models

    The L'Equip FilterPro is perfect for raw food lovers who require precise temperature control to preserve nutrients in their dehydrator recipes. It dries everything including fruit leathers, jerky, fruits and vegetables, trail snacks and more and can also be used as a yoghurt maker. Preserve things that are in season when they are cheapest to buy with no loss of flavour and use them all year round. Concentrate, preserve and intensify the flavours in your home grown produce and keep them for later. Prepare soups, stews and casseroles and dehydrate them for nutritious lightweight expedition food if you are an outdoors enthusiast. Make jerky, fruit leathers and dried fruit snacks that are far superior to those bought from any store. The possibilities are endless.
    Another feature not shared by any other stacking dehydrator is the uniquely designed pressurisation system in the Filterpro which recirculates some of the warm air through a central column to pressurise the system and balance the heat throughout the stack of trays. This reduces the temperature gradient from top to bottom and ensures more even dryness between trays. This in turn cuts down on the need to rotate the trays from top to bottom during drying as well as improving economy with lower electricity consumption than other dehydrators. Heat loss to the surrounding environment is slower and lower than dehydrators which have large vents and gaps for air expulsion and this can add up to large energy savings over the years. The easy to read digital display allows precise setting of temperature and drying time and if you need to expand its capacity you can simply add more trays up to a total of 20.

    If you are into making biltong or jerky and want to avoid botulism, this is THE machine to have.

    60 collected from HR6 (it's not heavy but it is bulky - freight would be about 12)

    Please PM me if you are interested as I'm mid house move and won't remember to check this thread as often as usual.


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    PM returned with requested information.



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    You have a pm I am interested

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    Sold to pg2008. You have PM inbound.



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    Shame I was 2 years out! Looks great.

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    Theres a very similar 1 on evilbay for the same money atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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