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    hello chaps,
    So we have had the worst weather for some considerable time
    got me thinking about the effect on all animals for the coming
    new seasons, obviously the weaker and less prepared might what about the infamous midge?...any chance they will be
    adversely affected,or is that just wishful thinking !!
    anyone know how they are affected by the weather?



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    I don't "know" but I HOPE that they die off

    It seems to have knocked out Gnat population down lets hope they're not just hiding .

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    Not effected at all , the Tick can be effected over longer spells of extreme cold weather.

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    ho,ho everybody loves a comedian,supposing we had permafrost for 200 years these little b******S would still turn up in there billions as if it was yesterday,wishfull thinking but!!!!

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    Whilst sat on my peg in the mountains of Croatia last week staring at the snow covered mountains in temperatures of between minus 8 and 12c
    I saw a mosqitoe flitting around my boots.
    I thought at first that it was some sort of Croatian 'Winter Fly' but others saw them as well - incredible but true.
    This happened on more than one occassion at different pegs so it wasn't the same one following me

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