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Thread: Leupold STD ring dimensions - help please

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    Leupold STD ring dimensions - help please

    I am intending to fit a 30mm tube scope to a rifle which already has Leupold STD bases fitted. I have worked out the height measurement of the 30mm Leupold STD rings I need but can't find any dimensions of their Low, Medium and High rings on the internet.

    In essence, can anybody tell me the measurement from the centre of the hole to the bottom flat for a L, M & High 30mm Leupold STD ring please?

    Thank you.


    I finally found what I was looking for - for anybody interested, here is the info:
    Leupold STD Ring Height Chart:

    1" Super Low: .55"
    1" Low: .65"
    1" Medium: .77"
    1" High: .9"
    1" Super High: 1"
    30mm Low: .65"
    30mm Medium: .77"
    30mm High: .9"
    30mm Super High: 1"
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