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Thread: Mannlicher Pro Hunter

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    Mannlicher Pro Hunter

    Synthetic stainless, MK2 version, factory screw cut, bases and 30mm rings. Very lightly used, in 7mm-08 calibre.

    Bargain at 450

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    WOW...that is a bargain!

    No spare cash unfortunatly

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    Thats a good deal from a gunuine A1 bloke buddy, but my ticket is full & over flowing at the moment though sorry mate.

    The PH2 is a great solid off the shelf factory rifle-I know as I blew one up once & lived to tell the tale-not that I'm proud of it!

    Regs Lee

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    Good deal

    Hello Sam,
    Shame its not a .270 as i might have been tempted away from looking for that elusive sako 75.
    Hope all is well with you and your over those christmas blues?

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