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Thread: Gunsmith to fit adjustable comb.

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    Gunsmith to fit adjustable comb.

    I would like to get an adjustable comb fitted to my wooden stocked Sako 75, I already have the metal work to do this in hand, I just need somebody to cut it in.

    I did have somebody lined up to do this work but he has let me down at short notice.

    I would definitely like to use my metal work as I am very happy with it.

    Any ideas?

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    How about Bryan Farr on Foulness ?


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    Thanks Neil, I have had a word with Brian and he is going to have a look at it.

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    Good luck, I have seen some of his repair work on shotgun and air rifle stocks, and it is second to none.


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    Ive considered doing this for a long time , i have a gunsmith who does it and he does a cracking job
    the only thing that puts me off is i cant make up my mind if it looks right on a hunting rifle maybe its just me being daft

    if you could post some pictures after its done that would be great

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    Just got it back from the gunsmith, very happy with the results:

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