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Thread: Modular Rifles.

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    Modular Rifles.

    Here is something I was thinking about the other day and came to the conclusion that If I could find a dealer with the bits I require could go ahead.
    Here is the question.
    I own a Steyr Luxus with more than one barrel, there must be several other makes, Mauser, Saur, Blaser etc, with the same system.
    My barrels are 30-06 and .243 and it is only the barrels that are marked with a serial No and that is what is recorded on my FC.
    What is to stop me, other than availability, from buying another stock, bolt and housing to enable me to have a rifle in 30-06 and another in .243 ?
    Has anybody else thought about this, has anybody done it, or does anybody have the answer ?
    Posted elsewhere so hoping for lots of answers.

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    Did just that with my Mauser.

    Your FAC allows you to have two rifles, one in each calibre.

    Wether you choose to have two normal rifles or a breakdown is up to you.

    The stock and bolt are not classed as a rifle, only the barrels.

    RFD and FLO have no problem with it.


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    That is the way I see it but I bet a pound to a penny the Sportsman won't see it that way or the price will be so steep it will be an impractical option.
    I'm in no hurry but I'll see what they say next time I'm down that way.

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    What about trying the import route? If the components are not serial numbered it could make life easier (and a lot cheaper) to try and import from Germany or Austria.

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    An interesting one this, don't you require a variation (space) on your firearms certificate in order to buy pressure bearing parts?

    Interesting because the bolt locks directly into the barrel on many of these rifles, the receiver just holds it all together. Therefore a bolt would need to be entered on to a certificate as would a spare barrel but a receiver wouldn't

    Years ago I had a Sako Triace pistol and I am fairly sure that the frame was numbered as was each of the barrels or slides. All numbers were entered on to my certificate, two seperate barrel numbers and one frame number.
    In the case of the Triace the frame was obviously pressure bearing.

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    Bought my stock online from Poland. Got my bolt from Rupert in the UK.

    Both posted through the mail "insured".

    Both were the cheapest option.

    None of these "parts" are controlled.

    A simple call to your FLO will confirm.


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    I agree the stock would not be controlled and may be obtained freely but the bolt could be seen as a controlled part.

    Reference; Home Office - Law, Guidance to Police

    13.69 Component parts of firearms are also
    subject to certificate control,
    and may be
    authorised if a shooter needs replacement
    or interchangeable parts. Spare cylinders for
    muzzle-loading revolvers are not used in
    national target shooting disciplines and should
    not normally be authorised. It should be
    noted, however, that some cased sets, both
    antique and modern reproductions, will
    contain a spare cylinder, or cylinders, and
    these may be properly included on certificate
    for both possession and use.

    13.70 The term “component part” may be
    held to include (i) the barrel, chamber,
    cylinder, (ii) frame, body or receiver, (iii)
    breech, block, bolt or other mechanism for
    containing the charge at the rear of the
    chamber (iv), any other part of the firearm
    upon which the pressure caused by firing the
    weapon impinges directly. Magazines, sights
    and furniture are not considered component
    parts. The 9th Report of the Firearms
    Consultative Committee provides additional
    information on this subject.

    I know that there have been occasions in the past where people have attempted to import firearms illegally by having various parts posted to them assuming that it was legal to do so.
    It is possible to buy many component parts abroad totally free of control and a rifle bolt may be one of those things, but as soon as it arrives in the U.K. it falls into the above legislation.

    Presumably also if it is a component part it would be necessary to transport it to a dealer as if it were a firearm and can't simply be posted to the FAC holder

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    Well the Mauser importer felt no problem with posting the bolt direct to me.

    Either way, you can add additional stocks/bolts as you see fit as it's the number of barrels that are authorised.


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    The importer could be wrong or simply unaware of the legislation. Stocks are no problem whatsoever.
    It might be a good idea to check with the force that issued your certificate as you don't want to fall foul of them.

    As allways different forces interpret the legislation as they see it. If you are a member of a shooting organisation such as BASC give them a call just to be on the safe side.

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    blaser stocks, bolts and barrels are all controlled by TVP. i've just had a ticking of for buying a stock and bolt but no barrell on the slot for a .223 rifle.

    all sorted now.

    my advice, check with your firearms dept and send application and covering letter describing the transaction you want to carry out.

    milner guns and mcleods both advised me similar - they wont sell stocks or bolts without slots. if you buty a complete rifle its only the barrell number that goes on your ticket.

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