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Thread: Western Rivers Pro Nite Stalker electronic Caller Brief Review

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    Thumbs down Western Rivers Pro Nite Stalker electronic Caller Brief Review

    In a separate thread I asked for feedback on this unit but as this solicited not a single reply I thought it best to jump right in and get one c/o Bushware UK.

    I now suspect your silence was a polite way of suggesting I find something else to waste cú500 on as without doubt this stands as the most unfortunate purchase its been my good fortune to indulge during 55 years on this planet:

    Build quality is the key issue being shameful as the remote control housing suggests having more in common with a biodegradable water bottle than something engineered for the great out doors. The main unit flip-down input/output panel cover is no better and that broke (at all contact hinges) on the first opening!

    Then there is the misleading statement that suggests the remote keypad is illuminated when in fact its simply relies on daylight to 'energise' c/o ultraviolet radiation rather than internal liquid crystal output. Albeit I acknowledge my failing in not better evaluating the statement "glows in the dark". Something I can only put down to spending too much time on here rather than the real word that would appear to be "China"!

    The 8 AA batteries, not supplied, rattle within the main unit as there is no securing arrangement. Not even a bit of foam. The same with the 9v battery in the remote and it's sliding cover that is a poor interference fit with no securing screw.

    There are no instructions for correct assembly and setup of the remote powered decoy. More disturbing though is this five-part assembly is again made in part of flimsy, brittle black plastic that I am all but certain will ensure early component failure when encountering sun baked or frost hardened ground as the support stake could be snapped by 3-year old.

    I wager the same will be found with the very smart-looking carry case the whole setup comes in as it too has all the rigidity of the plastic that litters the streets of London post Marathon. In short a load of old tat.

    The faux fur decoy rabbit skin's skirt is not hemmed so great chunks pull away whenever you install it over the wire form.

    There may be positives to this unit in its operational mode; I found it possible to scare the **** out of my neighbour's 6-month old cockapoo by letting rip a wolf howl or two at midnight and at over 100 yards from our bedroom as my Daughter thought this a real cool idea, but frankly I've seen enough at the unwrapping stage to ensure this doesn't come close to justifying the price tag so I'm not prepared to furnish a single positive for fear of encouraging you into a similar on-line purchase.



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    thank you for the heads up.

    I have the foxpro spitfire and it works well for me and a good mate steve.

    all i wish i could get done on it is that all the calls i like onto one card to save me swapping cards in the middle of the night cold wet and miffed when i drop the seond card on the floor,

    i have tried the web based programe that it uses to no avail so i have just stuck with it and its helped me grass a fare few more fox's than i would have done otherwise.


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    Thanks heavens for the distance selling regulations then


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Thanks heavens for the distance selling regulations then

    Yup, just send it back.

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