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Thread: Do you know some one legged stalkers??

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    Do you know some one legged stalkers??

    Sometimes the stuff on ebay amazes me. Stuff any old cr*p on there it might sell.
    What I want to know is did they have 2x individual thefts of just one boot or did a duo of bandits come into their store one day?
    Lundhags Jubilee Hunter boots, size 42, odd pair | eBay
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    I bet if they searched the store a bit harder, they'd find another pair the same!

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    I do know a few 'one brain celled' stalkers Teyhan


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    mind you if you wear gaiters over them,

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    If you look at the last photo, there is a huge height difference in them!

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    I have a pair of Harkila gloves to match these boots... Six month old Chesapeake dined on the right handed one.

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    if they only make £20 what a buy

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    If i was size 42 I'd buy them....I once had a single rod rest stolen from my car in newton Stewart. I always wondered what happened to it, whether they had a pair.

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    Don't know any one legged stalkers, but I've seen a few legless ones.

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    One legged stalker.....

    Guilty as charged!

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