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Thread: 243 Recipe for 70gr wanted

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    243 Recipe for 70gr wanted

    Hi I've got some 70gr V-Max to try and reload give em a try on a few bucks this time if anyone has a good recipe starter .
    Rifle is Tikka T3 Lite ,I have some H4895 powder so save me hopefully buying some more.

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    sorry bud but get a hard hat on,

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    V stands for vermin a bullet with a very thin jacket and designed to achieve shallow wounding. For the sake of 20 why not buy a box of bullets designed to kill deer rather than prairie dogs?

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    Nothing listed for 70gr in Hornady 9th Edition.

    However: 75grn Vmax 31.4grn start 36.9gnr max using H4895 COL 2.640

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    Cheers for that chocky ill start somewhere near that .

    sorry they are 75gr vmax

    Shallow wounding don't make me laugh !!!
    58gr Too !!!
    Hundreds upon hundreds of Roe with these and they are superb.
    Coming to end of supply and have box of 75gr to try otherwise I wouldn't budge on the 58's.
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    Have double checked and April 1st is tomorrow. So, having ruled out that you are joking, I can only assume you really are a misguided chap who thinks the V in V-max stands for venison rather than vermin.

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    Your right eventually April 1st is here.
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    I've used 40gn h4895 with 70gn bullets in 5 different .243's. start lower and work up, especially if your using 75gn bullets.

    Very ethical killers on smaller deer, although a little damaging at times, but you have to damage them to kill them.

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    As per usual. Armchair stalkers spouting gospel! Shallow wounding! Written by a man who's never used them as is often the case.

    V-max on chest shot roe out to 200yds= bullet hole entry,50p exit and all the pluck turned to soup. Roe deer drops on the spot. Out of the last 20 i've chest shot one ran 20yds and that's it.

    Super dooper bonded deer killer bullets punch straight through,deer runs but leaves a lovely blood trail to follow! I know which I prefer! People can slag me off but crack on. I know what works by being there and doing it. I don't rise to name calling etc...


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    If you can find any, Varget powder has always given me the best accuracy/velocity behind the 70 grain bullets in .243.

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