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Thread: 222 F-Sale

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    222 F-Sale

    Bsa .222 for sale, 250.00 ono. Location Wiltshire, this rifle is in excellant condition. i would even consider a swap for a shotgun O/U or a Nikon Dslr.
    the rifle does come with 1"rings but no scope, i do have a scope at extra cost 70.00, but you would need to change the rings to 30mm.

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    Which model BSA is it please?

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    i do not have a clue as i cannot find anything on it, there are pictures of it on the pigeon watch forum if that is any good to you.

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    the serial has the prefix 2R, so a CF2 AFAIK

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    OK cheers. I already have a CF2 and yes 2R is according to Knibbs book a CF2.

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    there is no scope with the rifle as the one i have on it belongs to a mate and it has to go back when i sell the rifle. the rifle has 1" rings, but the scope i have for sale is a 30mm scope and that is a JahtiJakt 2.5-10x50 illuminated (see Articoutdoor clothing website) this scope has only been used on a 308 for about 6 months and it is as new.

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