This is the slim one that pez use to make. only 25mm(ish) thick and 300mm long. it is a reflex type that sits way back on the barrel.

it is proofed and stamped for .222. 1/2x20unf cut. clean and very good condition

Came off my .222 tikka t3 lite. uses the barrel as the inner sleeve to keep things lighter. no problem as all on a stainless barrel as long and you wipe the barrel down. my Blued barrel had no bluing wiped off, in fact it made it look darker. might need te rear metal bush trimmed down if the barrel is thicker than the T3 Lite.

100 F2F or buyer will have to pay the RDF costs.

This is one of the best mods ever. i have put a few on and the pez still made for the quietest. IMHO.

Only selling as i need the money and its not used so needs must.