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Thread: calf, fawn or kid?

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    calf, fawn or kid?

    what is the correct name for the little ones?

    dsc1 notes say the following..

    red - calf
    sika - calf
    fallow - fawn
    roe - kid
    munty - kid
    cwd - fawn

    however, CSJ's book on Muntjac refers to the young as fawns.

    stalkers that i talk to can call them a variation of all 3.

    does anyone have the definative answer?

    ps. dont let this degrade into a discussion about what to call a young beaver!

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    I thought roe had fawns and goats/people had kids


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    I prefer to call Fallow 'calves', I don't know why it just sounds right. I thought Roe could be either kids or fawns and muntjac fawns? I think its alot to do with where you come from in the country.

    Anyway why do I get the pm's about baby aquatic mammal names! Bloody perverts!

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    On a similar vein, I was always led to believe that a male munti is called a Bull Muntjac and a female a Cow Muntjac.

    A bit more fun than the Buck and Doe I feel!!

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    I agree, calf sounds better for a fallow. In the same way as fallow buck rolls off the tongue.

    Let's just use it until it is cool and everyone does the same. 8)

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    Hi Boghossian,
    Yeah lets do that. Fallow fawn sounds like a tongue twister!

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    i think bambi was called a fawn so it must be right, good informative film that

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    Calf, fawn or kid

    To avoid DSC 1 Exam confusion stick to the the field the term "dependent" or "follower" is accurate as the pre-yearling stage of full independence IMHO

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